Your interior decorating style is a personal matter. Wouldn‘t you like to find out which wallpaper is your best choice?

Your home should be decorated with its inhabitants in mind. A proverb says: “Show me how you live and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Wallpaper offers the opportunity to make your home exceptional decorative. You can determine the mood of a room. Wallpaper is very trendy for many years although its different patterns and special effects. You can choose for one accent color on one or two walls, or you can opt for bold colors and patterns, lines, flowers or other shapes. Also retro prints find their way back to the modern interior. It brings a touch of nostalgia and gives the room a warm and cozy feeling.

When choosing wallpaper, it is also important to take into account existing furniture, light sources, windows, mirrors and any other light source.

Choosing accent walls has a great influence on the spatial perception of the room. As you can see from the examples above, the contrast sometimes very big!


1.       The far wall as an accent wall: Ideal for long rooms that you would want to make a bit warmer, not a good idea for small spaces!

2.       Wallpaper a ceiling can be a nice effect. Dark colors will make the room feel less high. Ideal for rooms with high ceilings that you want to make cozier.

3.       Side walls as an accent wall is ideal if you wants to appear your room visually larger and longer. Stripes will accentuate this effect. When you wallpaper two opposite walls, the room will feel tight.

Our wallpaper finder helps you to find the right products. Choosing any specific product characteristics combined with patterns makes us able to tell you which wallpapers you surely like and will suit for your home decoration.

Think ‘out of the box’, for instance: try to wallpaper an old closet, or a part of your ceiling. Why don’t you try to put wallpaper in frames on the wall to create a patchwork effect. A stripe can also be papered horizontally on the wall.



Light colors enlarge the room and dark colors make a room look smaller.

Light colors reflect light onto the wall, which makes the room lighter and appears larger. Pale tints appear calm and timeless. However,if you use cool colors on the wall, you get a sleek effect.

Dark walls:
A dark wall is the ideal base to create contrasts. Combine it with a light color, but avoid cold white and choose off-white or white with a little pigment. Refresh your room with colorful accessories. Too many dark colors lead to a bleak outcome, because it is detrimental to light and atmosphere.

Which atmosphere gives a color?
Yellow-beige colors are warm, fun and optimism.
Red, orange and terracotta bring a tremendous amount of heat in a room. This color is often combined with yellow accents.
A brown wall indicates the connection with the earth. Brown offers the chance to work with many colors to combine, because it is composed of various colors.

Distinctive motifs on the wall combine best with neutral tones, it gives a nice contrast. Please note that the best combinations are made of one or two colors.


Give your wardrobe a second life by placing a lively colourful wallpaper behind it.

Bring some warmth into your home with this stylish batik print on your wall

An all over motif brings freshness to interiors and can decorate your home in various ways

Gold is a warming colour and brings peace into your home

Slate-gray walls with an ikat pattern work well with colourful accents.

A dark wall with mystical blue motifs gives a rich look to your room.